First-Time Buyer Auto Loans in Laurel


First-Time Buyer Auto Loans in Laurel

You’re ready to buy your first car. That’s fantastic! Have you been asked about your credit history yet? Have you given yourself a good working understanding of the car-buying process? These are some things you’re going to need to do when you're looking for First-Time Buyer Auto Loans in Laurel. Keep reading to find out more.

Quick Rundown for the First-Time Buyer

When you arrive on a car lot and talk to a salesperson, the first question about the purchase is going to be, “Are you planning to finance?” What this question is really asking is, “Have you ever bought before and how’s your credit?” Credit, for those who don’t know specifically, is the score that credit reporting companies assign to you after receiving information from different lenders and businesses regarding your ability to manage debt and make payments. You’re probably wondering what happens if you haven’t had a loan before or done any business that might result in credit reporting for you.

You’re on the right track. If you don’t have the history, then you don’t have a credit score, or more precisely you don’t have a credit history. Some lenders will turn you down for not having a credit history, which might also have you asking, “How, then, do I get one?” Again, you’re on the right track for First-Time Buyer Auto Loans in Laurel.

Making History for the First-Time Buyer

There are ways to create a credit history before applying for First-Time Buyer Auto Loans in Laurel. You can get a secured credit card from your bank or credit union, get a store card from a retail store, or get someone you know with credit to include you on a loan that they take out. These are viable options, but they take time to establish a credit history. It’s likely that if you’re shopping for a car now, you don’t have months, or perhaps longer, to wait for your credit history to reach the proper point.

Hattiesburg Cars specializes in helping first-time buyers with little or no credit get the loan they need to get them into a car. We’ll take the time you need to understand the process and what it means for you as a buyer. This will be your first major enterprise as a buyer with credit and it’s a great way to establish a credit history.

We know finding and getting your first car is very important which is why we take getting you a loan seriously. Anyone in need of First-Time Buyer Auto Loans in Laurel should call Hattiesburg Cars today at 601-450-9630 to get the attention they need for this momentous event. We look forward to meeting you and earning your business!

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