Auto Loans for First-Time Buyers in Petal

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Auto Loans for First-Time Buyers in Petal

If banks and financial institutions are refusing to give you the time of day because of your first-time-buyer status, you should consider coming to Hattiesburg Cars. We are offering affordable Auto Loans for First-Time Buyers in Petal. The fact that you have little or no credit does not matter to us; what matters to us is that you are over 18 years of age, that you have a driver’s license, and that you have a job. If you meet the above requirements, you are assured of getting an auto loan with us. We are quite experienced in offering such auto loans, so you can trust us. You would get the best first-time-buyer auto loan options at our dealership.

Benefits to Auto Loans for First-Time Buyers

We at Hattiesburg Cars understand first-time buyers and we have tailor-made our auto loans to suit you. We know that you may have just gotten your first job, so we know that your available funds may be limited. For this reason, we have set very low down payments on our Auto Loans for First-Time Buyers in Petal that you would be able to easily afford. We also offer the option of getting a qualified co-signer. With a co-signer, you would not have to pay the down payment. You should also know that you could make even more savings at Hattiesburg Cars thanks to the fact that some of our vehicles come with special incentives, rebates, and cash backs.

The rebates and incentives would further reduce the auto loan amount, which would result in reduced down payments and monthly payments. To make it easy for you to afford the monthly payments, we have also set long payment schedules on our first-time buyer auto loans. You could get payment schedules that stretch even up to 84 months. The payments that you would be required to pay at the end of every month would be quite small. Our auto loans also come with competitive interest rates.

Easy Auto Loans for First-Time Buyers in Petal

We at Hattiesburg Cars have also made it very convenient for you to pay the monthly payments for the Auto Loans for First-Time Buyers in Petal. We have set up an automatic payment system that would automatically deduct your monthly payments from your bank account and send them to our lender’s account. With such a system, you would not have to keep going to the bank; all you would need to do is ensure that your wages enter your account in time.

We at Hattiesburg Cars welcome you to apply for these first-time buyer auto loans. You can also contact us at 601-450-9630 if you have any questions. We process them quickly, so you would not spend much time at our dealership. We are located at 1620 West Pine Street Hattiesburg, MS 39401.

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