Car Loans after Credit Default in Hattiesburg


Car Loans after Credit Default in Hattiesburg

Getting a financial institution or auto finance firm to give you an auto loan after credit default is never easy. Most financial institutions only offer auto loans to people with good credit. However, you should know that we at Hattiesburg Cars are not like these institutions. We are willing to look past your less than perfect credit because we know that credit default is only a temporary situation. If you are looking for Car Loans after Credit Default in Hattiesburg, come to Hattiesburg Cars. Hattiesburg Cars is one of the leading used car dealerships in Hattiesburg.

Car Loans Terms

You will love the terms of our auto loans. We at Hattiesburg Cars have a large network of lenders who offer some of the best auto loan terms that you will get in Hattiesburg. Firstly, our auto loans come with low down payments. This is thanks in part to the rebates and incentives that come with our vehicles. We also offer the alternative of trading in your used car and using it as a down payment. Doing so will indeed save you a lot of money. Our Car Loans after Credit Default in Hattiesburg also come with low-interest rates. These low-interest rates assure you of super low monthly payments.

Paying for Car Loans after Credit Default in Hattiesburg

We at Hattiesburg Cars also offer very favorable payment terms. We can set up an automatic payment plan that will deduct the monthly payments automatically from your bank account at a specific preset date of the month. This option will be quite hassle free because you will not have to do anything. We at Hattiesburg Cars also allow early repayments; this means that you are allowed to pay the monthly payments earlier than when they are required. This will help you to finish repaying the auto loan faster. Our payment periods are also flexible; you can choose to have a seven-year payment period that will considerably reduce the amount of money you need to pay monthly.

You should also know that you can insure for repayments that you will make for our Car Loans after Credit Default in Hattiesburg. We at Hattiesburg Cars understand that you may want to protect your auto loan repayments because of the fact that these auto loans are long-term commitments. You can get more information of how you can access loan repayment insurance when you come to our dealership.

Call Hattiesburg Cars today at 601-450-9630 to find out more about these auto loans. We are located at 1620 West Pine Street, Hattiesburg, MS 39401.

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