Car Loans after Foreclosure in Hattiesburg


Car Loans after Foreclosure in Hattiesburg

Be sure to take advantage of the Car Loans after Foreclosure in Hattiesburg at Hattiesburg Cars. Most financial institutions have a strict no-acceptance policy when it comes to foreclosures; they will not hesitate to turn down your auto loan application. However, this is not the case with Hattiesburg Cars. We at Hattiesburg Cars believe that despite having foreclosure on your credit record, you have the potential and capability to faithfully service an auto loan. We will not hesitate to offer you an auto loan when you come to us.

Car Loans Application

The only requirements that you need to fulfill to get our Car Loans after Foreclosure in Hattiesburg are the following: 1) you should be over 18 years of age, 2) you should have a driver’s license, and 3) you should have a job or a source of income. When you come to our dealership to apply for our car loans after foreclosure, our authorized representatives will take time to advise you on how our auto loans work and the implications that come with them. This will help you to choose an auto loan option that will be within your means. Our auto loan application process is also quite simple.

You will first fill in an auto loan application form, which will take you just a few minutes. When you submit this form, auto credit approval will be done. This also will not take long. After that, our authorized representatives will take you to see all the vehicles that we have in stock. All our vehicles have been inspected and serviced by our certified auto technicians; therefore, they are in pristine condition. Our authorized representatives will also allow you to test drive the vehicle that you will choose. After you choose the vehicle that you will want, you will then sign with an affiliated lender and pay your down payment.

Easy Car Loans after Foreclosure in Hattiesburg

We at Hattiesburg Cars have also gone out of our way to make it easy to repay our Car Loans after Foreclosure in Hattiesburg. We have set flexible payment periods for our auto loans, which means that you can stretch the payment period to make the monthly payments more affordable. We accept weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly payments in order to accommodate people in different types of work. We also allow early payments and lump sum payments; this will help you to clear your auto loan faster.

Our car loans after foreclosure will also help to improve your credit status. To find out more about them, come to Hattiesburg Cars at 1620 West Pine Street, Hattiesburg, MS 39401. You can also call us at 601-450-9630.

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