Certified Pre-Owned Cars for Sale in Hattiesburg


Certified Pre-Owned Cars for Sale in Hattiesburg

When you searching for a car, sometimes you can’t decide between a new one and used one. This is when choosing in the middle seems to work best which is why we have Certified Pre-Owned Cars for Sale in Hattiesburg that are perfect. Certified used cars are gently used newer vehicles. This way, you save money and still get a fairly new, guaranteed quality vehicle.

Certified Pre-Owned Cars Available

There are tons of vehicles to choose from that are certified. Some of the more popular Certified Pre-Owned Cars for Sale in Hattiesburg include the Toyota Corolla, Camry, and Prius. The Toyota Corolla is already the more affordable vehicle by Toyota so buying one certified just makes it that much more of a great buy. If you were looking for something that is highly efficient, you can even purchase a certified Prius model with low models. The Prius is a hybrid car that offers the best fuel efficiency around.

Camry of the Certified Pre-Owned Cars for Sale in Hattiesburg

The Camry, however, is one of the top-selling vehicles out there thanks to it sharp looks, performance, and reliability. Not to mention it also has great fuel economy. Recent models can have a popular 2.5L engine on and be mated with a 6-speed automatic transmission that includes a manual shift. The same models are usually FWD as well. Inside, however, you can find great features such as leather interior and wrapped steering wheel, premium sound system, navigation, power seats, and enough leg room in the back for even taller passengers. For advanced features, it all depends on the trim.

For a used vehicle to become certified, it must meet a few requirements and pass an inspection. For it to be considered, the vehicle must be only a few years old and have lower than a certain amount of miles on it. From there, the vehicle is inspected in every category as every aspect is searched. If a part seems old or broken, it will be replaced or fixed. The goal is to make this car look and feel as new as possible to give you better deal.

All of the Certified Pre-Owned Cars for Sale in Hattiesburg available have features and a performance different from one another making finding the right one for you easier. If you would like to test drive one or have any questions, please contact us at 601-450-9630. We are located on West Pine Street in Hattiesburg, MS so stop in today. We proudly serve the surrounding cities including Lumberton, Sumrall, Wiggins, and Laurel.

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