Check Air Filter in Pine Belt

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Check Air Filter in Pine Belt

Here at Hattiesburg Cars, you can get to know all of the important facts on how to properly Check Air Filter in Pine Belt. This is a small and simple process that can help protect your cars longevity. Older filters that are dirty will reduce the air in an engine which in-turn takes away from performance, fuel economy, and the combustion needed out on the open road. Take time to read more below!

Steps of How to Check Air Filter

First and foremost, it is important that you Check Air Filter in Pine Belt to determine just what kind of filter you have. Some air filters are a little easier to work with than others. For instance, some vehicles come equipped with a paper or foam engine air filter. This type of filter needs to be replaced either every single year or at least every 12,000 miles.

So if you have had your vehicle for this duration of time or you have driven it 12,000 miles, take time to check out your air filter situation. An older vehicle has an air filter that is much easier to check than a newer and more modern vehicle option. Some older vehicles allow for you to check the air filter by just simply unscrewing a wingnut.

Newer vehicles have a filter surrounded by a plastic cartridge located in the air intake system. This requires taking the filter apart to properly work on it. So, it is highly recommended that you get a professional to help you take care of this process!

How to Check Advanced Air Filter in Pine Belt

If you are driving a newer vehicle then you need to come to Hattiesburg Cars to get help with how to Check Air Filter in Pine Belt. As previously mentioned, a more advanced air filter is encased in a plastic cartridge. Thus, you have to remove the air filter from the cartridge to clean and replace it. Do not take the risk of breaking your air filter when you can just let our talented team of technicians handle it for you!

Our talented team recommends you bring your questions on how to Check Air Filter in Pine Belt to our automotive center of Hattiesburg Cars. You can call us up to speak to us over the phone at 977-385-5455. However, you can also visit us in person for help at our address of 1620 West Pine Street, Hattiesburg, MS 39401.

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