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Check Oil in Hattiesburg

Do you know how to Check Oil in Hattiesburg? Checking your car oil to make sure that it’s both at the proper levels and not too dirty to do its work will help your engine last longer. While most of the time your car will tell you when it’s time to check your oil, or you can rely on your regular maintenance mechanic to do it, it’s also good to know how to check your oil yourself.

Checking Engine Oil in Hattiesburg

Your engine oil is responsible from keeping friction and heat low in your engine; without it, your engine would burn up, and would be entirely useless. Engine oil moves through the components, lubricating them and also cooling them down.

Over time, your oil becomes dirty and degraded, and it becomes necessary to replace both the oil and the filter, as well as to make sure you have enough to lubricate it. It’s recommended to change your oil every 3,000 to 5,000 miles but making a habit of checking it often is important. Some auto experts recommend checking it every time you fuel up your gas tank.

How Check Your Engine Oil Levels and Health

When you Check Oil in Hattiesburg, make sure that you first put down plastic or some other protective covering under your car and onto your work area. You should also make sure that your engine is cool, so you don’t burn yourself. Find the oil dipstick, which reads “engine oil.” Pull it out, wipe it with a clean paper towel or a rag, then push it all the way back in until it’s fully seated.

Pull it out to check the oil level (there should be a mark that indicates it), and also check the color of the oil. “Healthy” oil is golden, while dirtier, degraded oil is dark brown or black. Be sure to also examine the oil for any particles of metal or other debris. This may suggest a problem with the engine that should be looked at by a mechanic.

If you make a habit to Check Oil in Hattiesburg often, your engine will last a long time. Find out more about checking your oil and doing other important maintenance on your car from Hattiesburg Cars. Call us to schedule a service appointment or browse our website for deals that we offer. We have helped customers from Petal, Purvis, Columbia and beyond.

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