Check Tire Pressure in Hattiesburg

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Check Tire Pressure in Hattiesburg

Your tires are one of the most noticeable parts of your car, and yet they get taken for granted quite often. Making a habit to Check Tire Pressure in Hattiesburg can help you maintain longevity of your tires and keep you from spending extra money on repairs or otherwise getting into any accidents. Tire inspections are simple and can be done with inexpensive equipment.

Tire Pressure Problems to Check in Hattiesburg

Neglecting to Check Tire Pressure in Hattiesburg can result in many problems. On the one hand, they’re easily noticeable; on the other hand, you don’t want to have to deal with them. When you’re driving down a straight, level road, you might notice your car “pulling” to one side. While there are many causes of this (including improperly-aligned wheels), improperly-inflated tires are definitely one of the causes.

Overinflated tires reduce the tire’s contact path, resulting in treads that are more worn at the center and too much rigidity. Underinflated tires are flatter, and the shoulder of the tire wears out prematurely. All in all, an improperly-inflated tire will wear down faster, reduce gas mileage, and will be more dangerous when it comes to road hazards.

How to Check Your Tires and Tire Pressure

All you need to Check Tire Pressure in Hattiesburg is an air pressure gauge, which can be purchased for cheap at any automotive or department store, and can even be borrowed from a gas station. You’ll want to consult your owner’s manual to see what the recommended air pressure is for your vehicle (be sure to note whether the “hot” or “cold” pressure numbers differ, in case you live in a place where the temperature changes drastically). Check all four of your tires and add and remove air to equalize pressure as needed.

Even without the gauge, you can perform a rudimentary check every time you get into your car by simply taking a walk around your vehicle and seeing how it sits on the ground. If one side seems uneven, you might want to check your tire pressure.

Checking air pressure doesn’t take long, and it ensures the longevity of your car. You don’t have to wait until maintenance to do this simple task. Hattiesburg Cars provides maintenance service such as tire rotation and alignment, and tire replacement. Call us or visit our 1620 West Pine Street location to get quality service for a great price.

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