How to Check Car Warning Lights in Hattiesburg

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How to Check Car Warning Lights in Hattiesburg

Knowing How to Check Car Warning Lights in Hattiesburg lets you prevent potential accidents or situations, and can also ensure you get your car the right treatment as soon as it needs it. Acting quickly is the key to having your car last a long time.

How to Check Types of Car Warning Lights

There are several warning lights that can light up, but even just one of them turning on can mean a problem with your car that needs fixing. Some warning lights show a problem in the moment; for example, the door ajar light (one that nearly everybody knows) means that your trunk, hood, or doors are open, and should be closed. A cruise control or fog lamp light means that those systems are engaged.

Some warning lights show that something has gone wrong with one of the components, and it doesn’t work; for example, a “lamp out” light indicates that a light is not functioning properly on the exterior of the vehicle. The Airbag Fault sign requires professional repair of the airbag system. The Check Engine Light is probably one of the most well-known of these, and requires diagnosis with a professional scan tool.

Responding To Car Warning Lights in Hattiesburg

Maintenance lights can mean that you need to check or change your systems. Oil pressure and “change engine oil” reminders both indicate that you may need to check on your oil—this is something you can do yourself. The Service Vehicle Soon light, on the other hand, notifies the driver of problems with other systems and suggests that you take your car to a mechanic soon. If you know How to Check Car Warning Lights in Hattiesburg, you’ll better know what the problem with your car is once they light up. However, the problem may not always be something that you can fix, in which case it’s time to go to a mechanic.

Being diligent in getting auto repair can prevent bigger problems, and getting your car off the road and to a repair shop as soon as it shows a problem will help keep you—and people around you—safe. Ignoring warning lights can lead to failure in brakes, damage to the engine, and even failure to deploy safety systems in the case of an accident.

Learn how to check warning lights in Hattiesburg, and you’ll be that much safer and that much more confident in your own car. Knowing what your car is telling you means you’ll be better-equipped to handle emergencies. Get maintenance and repair services from Hattiesburg Cars. Call us at 877-385-5455 or schedule an appointment online.

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