How to Check Oil in Hattiesburg

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How to Check Oil in Hattiesburg

If you are wondering How to Check Oil in Hattiesburg, we at Hattiesburg Cars can help. We have engine specialists who are ASE-certified and factory trained. They have been checking and changing engine oil for years, and they have done it on vehicles of different brands so they know what to do with each vehicle type or brand. Our engine specialists can check your engine oil for you in a matter of minutes.

Find Out How to Check Oil

Our engine specialists can show you How to Check Oil in Hattiesburg. The first thing that we do is start your vehicle’s engine and let it idle for a while. This is because it is best to check engine oil when it is warm. After a few minutes, we switch off the engine and then wait for another few minutes for the engine to cool down a bit. We then open the hood of your vehicle and locate the dipstick. The dipstick has an easily recognizable yellow/orange circular handle and it is most times positioned on the left side of the engine.

Our engine specialists then pull out the dipstick and wipe its long blade with a clean cloth. After wiping the dipstick well, we insert it all the way back into the engine. Our engine specialists then pull out the dipstick one more time and check the film of oil at the end of the blade. Some dipsticks have a line marked “full”, so it is easy to determine the engine oil level with such dipsticks. Others have words ‘min’ and ‘max’ or the letters ‘L’ and ‘H’ meaning low and high. Others just have a textured point that represents the level of oil in the engine.

How We Check Oil in Hattiesburg

In addition to checking to the engine oil level on the dipstick, our engine specialists also check the condition of the oil on the dipstick. It should be amber in color. If it is dark, if its texture is gritty, and if it has a burning odor, then it is time to change your engine oil.

We at Hattiesburg Cars stock various types of engine oils that are recommended by various car manufacturers, including long-lasting synthetic engine oil. Therefore, upon request, our engine specialists can also top off your engine oil or change it for you. They can also replace your vehicle’s oil filter while they are at it.

To get more information on How to Check Oil in Hattiesburg, come to Hattiesburg Cars at 1620 West Pine Street, Hattiesburg, MS 39401. You can also schedule this service when you call us at 855-580-9913. We at Hattiesburg Cars look forward to serving you and to helping to make your vehicle’s engine run better.

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