How to Understand Warning Lights in Hattiesburg

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How to Understand Warning Lights in Hattiesburg

Are you wondering How to Understand Warning Lights in Hattiesburg? While it may be unpleasant when one of those little icons lights up on your dashboard, it can alert you before any serious damage happens to your car. Knowing how to read vehicle warning lights is a huge boon to any car owner and can help you pinpoint a problem without needing to go in for a repair every time.

How to Understand Common Warning Lights in Hattiesburg

Probably the most well-known warning light is the check engine light. There may be several reasons why this light is on, and usually requires scanning with a diagnostic tool at a professional shop. If the Check Engine light comes up right after you’ve fueled up your car, check to see if your gas cap is properly tightened (there is also a Gas Cap light that may come on.) Otherwise, contact a professional.

The oil warning and change lights have to do with your oil, which is considered the lifeblood of your car. If there’s a problem with the oil pressure, or the life of the oil has expired, and it can’t do its job properly, your engine may face serious malfunctions. It’s possible to check and change oil yourself, but if you’re uncomfortable, visit a service provider. Like checking the oil, checking tire pressure is also easy to do, though it requires an extra (inexpensive) tool. If there’s a tire with low pressure, this light will come on; you can check your tires’ pressures and inflate as needed. Underfilled (and overfilled!) tires will be less effective on the road and will be more easily damaged.

How to Understand Warning Lights in Diesel Engines

While you may know How to Understand Warning Lights in Hattiesburg, if you have a diesel engine you might need to know some extra indicators. As always, refer to your owner’s manual to get the full scope. For instance, the glow plug light indicates that the glow plugs are warming up; don’t start up the engine until this light turns off.

DPF stands for diesel particulate filter, and if this light is on it means it’s malfunctioning. Service your vehicle immediately. If the DEF light comes on, it means the diesel exhaust fluid is low; replace it ASAP.

While diesel engines are a little different, knowing How to Understand Warning Lights in Hattiesburg for any engine will help you keep your car in good condition and on the road for a long time. If your warning light comes on, contact the Hattiesburg Cars service department at 877-412-5303.

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