New Tires for Sale in Hattiesburg

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New Tires for Sale in Hattiesburg

There's nothing like heading down the road in your vehicle without a worry in the world. Are you taking your tires for granted? You might think you are rolling along safely in your car, truck or SUV but if you haven't been paying attention to the condition of your vehicle's tires, you may not be as safe as you think.

Life of Tires in Hattiesburg

Normal wear and tear can take its toll over time so it may be time to come see us at Hattiesburg Cars for New Tires for Sale in Hattiesburg. You can count on us for prompt professional service and vehicle parts of the highest quality and we'll have you back on the road in no time with your vehicle performing in prime condition.

As a general rule, your tires should be good to go for approximately 40,000 miles. However, maximum mileage gained from your tires depends on many factors such as the condition of road surfaces, obstacles in your path like nails or screws that may get lodged in the tire tread, unfavorable weather conditions, and the weight of your vehicle.

Indicators of Needing New Tires for Sale

The tread on your tires wears down over time due to friction between your vehicle's tires and the surface you're driving upon. The time may be right now for New Tires for Sale in Hattiesburg if your tire tread is not at least 1/16 of an inch deep or twice that during inclement seasons. Tread is worn down every time you are on the go in your vehicle. If the tread has been worn too thin, your safety will be compromised.

Check out your tires to ensure there are no tears or cracks in the sidewalls. If these marks are evident, it could increase the possibility of experiencing a blowout. Ease your mind with a tire inspection today. The safety of your vehicle depends on the condition of your tires so treat your car, truck or SUV to New Tires for Sale in Hattiesburg with a visit to Hattiesburg Cars today! Don't take the chance on the safety of you and your passengers. Count on our certified technicians to install your new tires without delay and get you back to where you're going safely.

Ensure the ultimate safety of your car, truck or SUV with the purchase of New Tires for Sale in Hattiesburg. Hattiesburg Cars offers exceptional customer service and we'll have you back on the road promptly. You'll find us at 1620 West Pine Street, Hattiesburg, MS 39401. Schedule an appointment by calling 877-385-5455.

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