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Reputable Certified Used Car Dealer in Hattiesburg

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Reputable Certified Used Car Dealer in Hattiesburg

Hattiesburg Cars is a Reputable Certified Used Car Dealer in Hattiesburg that you can count on. We have been selling certified used cars to the people of Hattiesburg and the surrounding areas for years. We at Hattiesburg Cars also take pride in the fact that we have a wide selection of certified used cars.

Efficiency Options at Reputable Certified Used Car Dealer

You may get a certified used Toyota Prius at this Reputable Certified Used Car Dealer in Hattiesburg. It offers high fuel economy ratings thanks to its hybrid powertrain that pairs a four-cylinder gasoline engine with an electric motor. The gasoline engine in the Toyota Prius is optimized for hybrid-car applications, and as such, it may deliver better efficiency than similar four-cylinder gasoline engines that you’ll find in non-hybrid cars. The electric motor, on the other hand, draws stored energy from a large battery that is recharged while the car is running, so it also helps to improve this car’s fuel economy.

Thanks to this hybrid powertrain, the Prius may achieve fuel economy ratings of even up to 50 mpg in combined driving. The Toyota Prius is also a practical car because it offers a roomy cabin that accommodates five adults quite comfortably and also because it offers an amply-sized cargo area behind the rear seats. The rear seats of the Prius may also be folded down to increase cargo space when necessary.

Reputable Certified Used Car Dealer Model Design Options in Hattiesburg

You may also get a certified used Nissan Altima when you come to this Reputable Certified Used Car Dealer in Hattiesburg. The Nissan Altima midsize sedan also offers commendable fuel economy, especially when it comes equipped with its base four-cylinder gasoline engine. The Nissan Altima is also pleasant to drive. It has a wide footprint and a relatively low center of gravity, so it feels stable and planted.

This car also has a solid, well balanced chassis and an independent suspension system that delivers responsive handling and commendable ride quality. Thanks to the above, the Altima also feels solid and composed on the road, and it is also easy to maneuver. Another thing that you get with the Nissan Altima is an exceptionally roomy interior. The Altima also offers a large trunk.

We at Hattiesburg Cars have priced all our certified used cars quite affordably, so do not hesitate to buy them. You can also apply for financing here on our website or at our dealership. Hattiesburg Cars is located at 1620 West Pine Street, Hattiesburg, MS 39401, and you can also reach us at 877-385-5455.

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