Rotate Tires in Hattiesburg

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Rotate Tires in Hattiesburg

Knowing how important it is to Rotate Tires in Hattiesburg can help your tires last longer. Your tires should be rotated every scheduled maintenance at the very least, but some drivers may need to get them rotated more often, depending on what they’re using their car for.

Benefits to Rotating Your Tires

By nature, your tires will wear at different rates. Your front and rear axle have to accomplish different tasks, which differ depending on whether you’re driving a front-wheel drive or a rear-wheel drive vehicle. In addition, the tires on the left side of your car might end up wearing down faster since they create a wider arc when the car makes a right turn (which, statistically, is more common than left turns). Because of this, the tread may end up uneven, which causes a host of problems.

Rotating tires involves switching up the tires on the left and right sides of the car, as well as the front and back axles. This helps keep them useable longer, and when it comes time to buy new tires, you’ll be able to buy a full set, instead of buying just one to repair. Not rotating your tires can damage your gas mileage and cost you more money in the long run, as well. Your owner’s manual should tell you when to Rotate Tires in Hattiesburg.

Rotate Your Tires in Hattiesburg

Sometimes, you might need to Rotate Tires in Hattiesburg sooner than you think. For example, if you drive a performance sedan, a work truck, or drive off-road or in rough conditions, you may need to rotate tires more often. If you notice excess noise and vibration, it might also be a sign of uneven tread wear, and a sign that you need to get tires rotated.

You can check tread wear yourself by measuring the tread depth in each tire in multiple locations. People typically use a penny to gauge how deep the tread is. Another common pattern of tread wear is “feathering”, where tread blocks have rounded edges on one side and sharp edges on the other.

Keep an eye out for your tires. Always inspect your tires and how your car sits on the ground before getting in and driving. If you regularly rotate your tires, they’ll last you a long time. Get in touch with Hattiesburg Cars for more information on tire and automobile maintenance, as well as great deals on used cars.

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