Used Certified Car Financing in Hattiesburg

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Used Certified Car Financing in Hattiesburg

If you do not have the right credit for a good-quality, used car, try the Used Certified Car Financing in Hattiesburg at Hattiesburg Cars. With it, you may only be required to pay a small down payment upfront and then the rest of the cost in small monthly payments over a long payment period. Our used certified car financing also enables you to get certified used cars that are in excellent condition.

Used Certified Car Financing Credit Improvement in Hattiesburg

Another thing that you are sure to like about our Used Certified Car Financing in Hattiesburg is the fact that it improves your credit. If you have poor/slow/bad credit or if you have a history of repossession, foreclosure, divorce, or bankruptcy, you have probably encountered some difficulty when it comes to securing financing from various banks/lending institutions.

Our used certified car financing can help to change that. To improve your credit status, you have to demonstrate your commitment towards paying your debts to the nationally-recognized credit reporting bureaus (Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian). Our used certified car financing enables you to do just that because all our lending institutions report the car loans that they approve to these credit reporting bureaus; they also report all the monthly payments that are made over the terms of these car loans. Therefore, if you repay our used certified car financing promptly and on time, it will reflect in your credit record and will result in the improvement of your credit score.

Applying for Used Certified Car Financing

If your intention is to upgrade to a better car, you should also consider trading in the car that you have when applying for Used Certified Car Financing in Hattiesburg. Doing so is sure to make the car loan much more affordable for you.

You would need to bring your current used car to our dealership for evaluation. After inspection, our auto experts are sure to give you a respectable offer for your used car, and if you consent, that offer amount is going to serve as a down payment for the car loan that you’ll be applying for.

Our certified car financing also has favorable interest rates and long car-loan terms, so you won’t have a hard time keeping up with the payments. If you want more information about it, call Hattiesburg Cars at 877-385-5455. You can also visit us at 1620 West Pine Street, Hattiesburg, MS 39401.

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